Characteristics of free space optics communication link in an unusual haze

Islam, Mohammad Shafiqul; Islam, Mohammad Shafiqul; Mohammad, Abu Bakar; Al-Gailani, Samir A.


The connectivity and presence of free space optics (FSO) systems dependent on weather conditions especially in unusual haze have been studied. The attenuation and visibility have been analyzed using different formulas and compared with the experimental study. In an unusual haze condition, the attenuation of signal follows the same pattern as obtained from the theoretical analysis. Attenuation due to scattering, which has been expressed as a function of the link distance, wavelength and meteorological visibility, has been calculated from the visibility data collected at Senai airport in Malaysia. Maximum attenuation about 20 dB/km has been observed due to the unusual haze in Malaysia.


Free space optics, Visibility, Climate effects, Attenuation

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