High-performance current-controlled CDCCC and its applications

Prommee, Pipat


This paper presents a new high performance active element named Current Controlled Currents Differencing Current Copy Conveyer (CC-CDCCC). The main features of this element are large dynamic range, wide bandwidth and high accuracy. Furthermore, its intrinsic resistances of two input current terminals can be independently set by external balancing bias currents which lead to use low number of active elements. To demonstrate the high performance of the CC-CDCCC, two current-mode signal processing applications are presented in this paper i.e. universal filters and quadrature oscillator. Both of these applications are electronically controlled for a wide range of frequencies and they employ single CC-CDCCC and two grounded capacitors which are advantageous for monolithic integration. PSpice simulation results using the 0.25 µm CMOS technology from TSMC are included to verify the correct functionality of the proposed circuit.


Quadrature sinusoidal oscillator; Universal filters; Current controlled active elements; Resistorless

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