Measurements of dose rate for 10-16 keV Synchrotron X-ray photons at BL-16 beam line of Indus-2

Sinhamahapatra, Debasis ; Haridas, G. ; Kumar, Pradeep ; Ghodke, A D ; Tiwari, M.K ; Hannurkar, P.R


Indus-2 is a 2.5 GeV electron synchrotron radiation source located at Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT), India. There is significant radiation exposure in the direct beam of synchrotron radiation due to its intense flux and low energy at synchrotron radiation beam line. In this paper, measurements of absorbed dose rate for mono chromatic synchrotron X-ray photon of energy ranging 10-16 keV is presented using various types of passive dosimeters, like CaSO4(Dy) TLDs, LiF :Mg,Ti (TLD-100), and Gafchromic film EBT-2 at microfocus X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy beam line (BL-16). The measured results are also compared with theoretically calculated values. It is observed that LiF :Mg,Ti (TLD-100), and Gafchromic film EBT-2 show 3-6 times more absorbed dose rates as compared to calculated values whereas CaSO4(Dy) TLD shows 10-20 times more absorbed dose rates.


synchrotron radiation; absorbed dose rate; dosimeter

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