Design, Development and Metrological Investigation of a Trapezoidal-shaped Force Transducer

Kumar, Harish ; Saxena, Richa ; Ghoshal, Sanjoy K


This paper demonstrates the design and development of a trapezoidal-shaped force transducer with simple assembly to accommodate easy strain gauging on flat surfaces. Finite element analysis has been performed for computational studies. The design is validated based on experimental results. Force metrology has been discussed in detail following the standard procedures as per ISO 376: 2011. Metrological investigation for category D (includes reversibility and interpolation) shows that the proposed design of the force transducer, achieved class 0.5 standards of force transducers with uncertainty in the measurement of only up to 0.10 % or better throughout at a nominal capacity of 15 kN (tensile load). The methodology proposed here paves way for future efforts to develop miniaturized strain gauged force transducer for a wide range of micromachining and similar other precision engineering industrial applications. Force measurement is an integral part of
various industrial applications that require installation of force transducers. Sometimes, these transducers are required for on-site calibration of large testing machines. So, the current research work discusses and describes the designing of dialgauge as well as strain-gauge arrangements of measuring of applied force


Calibration, force transducer, ISO 376: 2011, strain gauge, trapezoid, uncertainty of measurement

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