A Novel System for Growth of Single Crystals from the Melt with an Innovative New Pulling Mechanism

Lal, Krishan ; Kumar, Ajay ; Gautam, Rajni ; Jindal, Ruby ; Gaur, Nidhi


This paper describes a crystal growth system employing novel concepts in fabrication of a high temperature furnace, thermocouples and a novel crystal pulling mechanism. This has reduced the costs substantially, without compromising the quality of grown crystals. The core of the furnace, a wooden cylindrical dummy had been prepared with equi-spaced helical
groves with widths equaling the diameter of the heating wire on its outer surface machined by a lathe machine. The Kanthal heating wire was wound in the groves. It was covered with a thick layer of natural clay available locally. After the clay had dried up, an electric current was passed through the heating wire and the wooden frame was burnt out. A thick layer of the
clay was applied on the inner and the outer surfaces. The furnace can operate at temperatures up to about 1000 °C. The temperature was measured with a chromel-alumel thermocouple prepared by an ingenious spot-welding technique established in the laboratory. The seed holder was hanged above the melt kept in the crucible with help of a float kept in a
water container, which has a small tap at the bottom. When the tap is opened the float goes down and the seed assembly goes up. In this manner a quality pulling system, without any motor has been developed and reported here. It has been possible to grow good quality crystals of potassium chloride with excellent diameter control.


Novel system for melt growth of crystals; New pulling mechanism; Fabrication of a high temperature furnace with local clay; Growth of potassium chloride crystals

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