Structural study of C2D6 thin films adsorbed on MgO (100)

Trabelsi, Mohsen ; Saidi, Sami ; Coulomb, Jean Paul


The structure of C2D6 thin films adsorbed on high homogeneous MgO (100) powder surface have been investigated by means of neutron diffraction techniques at 10 K. Neutron diffraction spectra have been recorded for three different coverages. Two bi-dimensional solids S1 and S2 have been determined, respectively for a coverage θ =0.7 layer and θ =1.2 layer. In agreement with LEED measurement, the S2 phase presents the commensurability C(x2)R45° with the MgO (100) surface. The S1 phase also presents a commensurate structure with the substrate lattice but its commensurability is weaker than that of S2. The (2D) solid phase, measured at an intermediate coverage θ =1.0 layer is a mixture of S1 and S2. For both solid phases, unit cell, location and orientation of molecules within are determined. The commensurate cell of the S1 solid with the MgO (100) surface is given.


Neutron diffraction spectra; Bidimensional phase; Commensurate structure

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