Acoustic-Phonon Mediated Cyclotron Resonance Power Absorption in Zinc Oxide Free-Standing Nanostructure

Bhat, Shruti ; Bhat, J. S.; Hegde, B. G.


The phenomenon of cyclotron resonance power absorption when electrons are scattered by acoustic-phonons in ZnO free standing nanostructure (FSNS) is presented. The calculation is based on quantum mechanical perturbation technique. The dependence of power absorption on frequency, magnetic field, temperature and thickness of the FSNS is presented. FWHM or line-width of the resonance power absorption peaks is calculated using profile method and the influence of magnetic field, temperature and thickness of the FSNS is investigated, that the line-width is proportional to magnetic field whereas it is independent of temperature and thickness of FSNS. This theoretical analysis gives insights about magneto-optical properties of FSNS of ZnO which is essential for further experimental investigations.


Transparent conducting oxide, Free standing nanostructure, Absorption power, Cyclotron-phonon resonance, Line-width

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