A Dielectrically Modulated AlGaN/InN/GaN Nanoelectronic High Electron Mobility Transistor based Biosensor for Protein Detection

Kalita, Sanjib ; Mallikarjuna, Kethepalli


In this work, a high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) based biosensor is designed to detect the virus-protein. Conduction band engineering of the biosensor is studied. DC and RF properties of the designed biosensor are studied. Sensitivity of the biosensor is studied corresponding to electric field, surface potential, drain current, transconductance, and current gain cut-off frequency. Sufficient sensitivity is obtained corresponding to each electrical parameter to detect the virus-protein. This work may be helpful to design and experimentally fabricate the HEMT based biosensor.


Protein, Dielectric constant, Transconductance, Sensitivity, Drain current

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