Molecular interactions in CdCl2/H2C2O4 nanofluid using acoustical studies at room temperature

Waghuley, Sandeep A


Nanofluids have been prepared by dispersing nanometer size particles in base fluid. The very essence of nanofluids research and development has to enhance the fluid macroscopic and mega scale properties such as thermal conductivity through manipulating microscopic physics. The acoustical properties of rhombohedral symmetry CdCl2/H2C2O4 nanofluids have been studied using ultrasonic technique at room temperature (303 K). The ultrasonic velocity, density and viscosity of nanofluids have been measured to manipulate the acoustical parameters such as specific acoustic impedance, adiabatic compressibility, internal pressure, viscous relaxation time, relative association, Gibbs free energy, intermolecular free length to know the molecular interaction. The particle size of CdCl2/H2C2O4 fluid was estimated by using UV-Vis analysis. The results were discussed and compared with experimental and theoretical facts.


CdCl2/H2C2O4; Nanofluid; Molecular Interactions

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