Efficiency and Irreversibility Analysis of MHD Unsteady Fluid Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer

Hazarika, Madhurya ; Dey, Debasish


In this paper the analysis of entropy generation of unsteady MHD fluid flow passing through the stretching sheet under the influence of Soret and the chemical reaction has been investigated. The multiple slip effects, suction/injection are considered to analyze the entropy generation rate. The non-linear governing equations are transformed into the first order differential equations using suitable similarity transformations. The resulting boundary value problem is solved by using the MATLAB built in bvp4c solver technique. Numerical values of skin friction coefficient, Nusselt number, Sherwood number and irreversibility ratios are shown in tabular form. Further uniqueness of this work is to find the various irreversibility ratios at the surface due to the effect of thermal and mass diffusion, magnetic field, combined effect of heat and mass transfer over total entropy generation number. It is noticed that to reduce the irreversibility and to boast up the efficiency we have to control the values of chemical reaction parameter (K1), Prandtl number and suction/injection parameter. Irreversibility due to combined effect of heat and mass transfer contributes more wastage than others.


Entropy generation; Efficiency; Heat and mass transfer; Multiple slip effects; bvp4c

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