National and Global Status of the High Pressure Measurement and Calibration Facilities

Rab, Shanay ; Zafer, Afaqul ; Kumar Sharma, Raman ; Kumar, Lalit ; Haleem, Abid ; Yadav, Sanjay


Rapid and increasing use of high-pressure technology in science and engineering over the last few decades has prompted researchers to look for better instruments and technologies with lower measurement uncertainties in diversified applications wherein pressure is used as one of the most crucial process parameters. The present paper discusses the succinct assessment of high-pressure metrology (HPM). A graphical summary of the various key & supplementary comparisons (K&SC) carried out in pressure metrology along with Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs) of the various National Metrology Institutes
(NMIs) is also included. Also discussed are the overview of the various high-pressure measurement facilities established at CSIRNPL, India and a summary of the various Proficiency Testing (PT) Programs conducted as reference laboratory by CSIR-NPL for
140 testing and calibration laboratories, accredited by the National Accreditation Board for the Testing and Calibration of Laboratories (NABL), India. The paper also briefly describes the impact of redefined SI unit of mass on the realization of the pressure scale. It is always difficult to find a concise report on all the aspects of a specific measuring parameter, high pressure in the present case, in a single window, therefore, authors believe that the present paper would be highly useful for the students, engineers, researchers, metrologists, industries, accredited laboratories, and other users.


Metrology; Pressure; Accuracy; Precision; SI Units; CMCs; KCDB data

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