Automation of Demonstrational Model of 1 g Kibble Balance Using LabVIEW at CSIR-NPL

Ehetesham, Bushra ; John, Thomas ; Singh, H K; Singh, Nidhi


A demonstrational model of Kibble balance has been designed and fabricated at CSIR-NPL. This paper details the software developed in LabVIEW that has been developed for its testing and operation. The software performs instrument control and automation, data acquisition and signal processing, real-time display of measurement status, and finally stores the measurement data for record and further analysis. The developed software provides a highly flexible platform for conducting the various functional tests with the experimental design of the balance. It has been successfully used to investigate the performance accuracy of the balance design by collecting data while operating it in both static and dynamic modes. The results helped pinpoint inherent
design errors, both mechanical and electrical, that need to be eliminated for improving the weighing accuracy of the balance.


Kibble balance; Kilogram redefinition; LabVIEW; Data acquisition; Automation

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