Microscopic non-axial study of even-even 226-230Th isotopes using octupole interaction

Devi, Rani ; Ram, Daya ; Khosa, S.K.


The yrast spectra, quadrupole moments, octupole moments, quadrupole deformation parameters (2), non-axiality parameters (), root mean square radii for protons and neutrons, occupation probabilities, and B(E2) transition probabilities are calculated for 226-230Th in Cranked Hartree-Bogoliubov (CHB) framework. These calculations have been performed by employing one body octupole potential field added to a quadrupole-quadrupole plus pairing model of residual interaction operating in a reasonably large valence space outside the 164Pb core. Our calculations reproduce qualitatively the observed yrast spectra in 226Th to 230Th up to spin 20+. The calculated results indicate that the quadrupole deformation increases and non-axiality of all these nuclei decreases along the yrast states. The results of octupole moments indicate that the octupole collectivity decreases as one moves from 226Th to 230Th. The observed increase in deformation in going from 226Th to 230Th is due to the increase in the occupation of low k components of (2g9/2) and (1j15/2)u orbits.


Cranked Hartree-Bogoliubov, yrast spectra, occupation numbers, B(E2) transition probability

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