Channel Estimation of FBMC Aux, FBMC and OFDM, based on BER and PAPR for 5G Systems

Bharti, Manisha ; Agarwal, Ayush Kumar; Kumar, Jayendra


In this generation of high-speed internet many research organizations are still busy finding the best candidate for the upcoming next generation of cellular mobile communication. These days mobile communication is divided into two parts, one is calling service and second is internet connectivity. Though many waveforms have been suggested for the fifth generation of mobile communication but out of which getting a compared output results on the basis of channel estimation is required. Through this research paper, FBMC Aux, FBMC, and OFDM are compared in terms of BER and PAPR to find our best candidate for future 5th generation mobile and data communication. A comparison of the time index is also done to verify the merits and demerits of the FBMC and FBMC Aux in this paper.


FBMC; FBMC Aux; OFDM; BER; PAPR; 5G wireless communication

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