Synthesis and dielectric studies of PEO-PVP blended solid polymer electrolytes

Chandra, Angesh


Synthesis and dielectric studies on a new PEO-PVP blended Na+ ion conducting solid polymer electrolytes (SPEs): (1-x)[75PEO:25NaPO3]+x PVP, where x in wet. %, are reported. PEO-PVP blended Na+ ion conducting SPEs are synthesized using recently developed hot-press method in place of traditional solution cast technique. Structural characterization has been carried out using XRD technique. The some basic ion transport parameters viz. ionic conductivity (σ), activation energy (Ea) and dielectric constant (ε*) have been characterized using different experimental techniques.


Polymer blending, hot-press method, ionic conductivity, activation energy, dielectric constant

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