Implementation of Quantum Support Vector Machine Algorithm Using a Benchmarking Dataset

Singh, Gurmohan ; Kaur, Manjit ; Singh, Mandeep ; Kumar, Yadwinder


The evolution of quantum computers and quantum machine learning (QML) algorithms have started demonstrating exponential speed-ups. In machine learning problems, the efficient handling and manipulation of linear algebra subroutines defines the complexity of the task to be performed. Quantum computers handle big datasets in the form of vectors and matrix operations very efficiently. In this paper, quantum support vector machine (QSVM) algorithm is used to solve a classification problem using a benchmarking MNIST dataset of handwritten images of digits. Quantum SVM variational and kernel matrix algorithms are implemented to analyze quantum speedup on quantum simulator and physical quantum processor back-ends. The study compared classical and quantum SVM algorithms in terms of execution time and accuracy. The results explicitly prove quantum speed-up achieved by quantum classifiers on quantum back-ends for machine learning applications.


Dirac notation; Hilbert space; Inner product; Machine Learning; Quantum bit; Principal Component Analysis; Support Vector Machine

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