A Simple Analytical Model of a GaN MODFET to Study its DC and RF Performance

Dutta, Sutanu ; Shit, Prabir Kumar; Pal, Radha Raman


This work presents a theoretical study of a GaN MODFET considering accurate velocity field relation of GaN for a wide range of electric field. The analytical expression of different DC parameters such as drain current, mutual conductance and drain conductance of the device has been derived and their variation over different field regions has been investigated. This work has also been extended to study the RF parameters like cut-off frequency and maximum operating frequency of the device. The threshold voltage of the device is also derived and studied in terms of the thickness of the doped AlGaN layer and mole fraction of AlGaN. The mathematical model presented here is calibrated with the experimentally available results reported earlier and a good agreement has been observed.


GaN MODFET; Theoritical Modeling; DC Characteristics; RF Characteristics; Threshold Voltage

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