Development of Microwave Absorbing Material with Organic Waste based Epoxy Blended Composite

Nath, Ganeswar ; Dash, Akshaya Kumar


The numerous use of electromagnetic wave based equipment and system leading to electromagnetic interference (EMI)which affects the misinterpretation of information in defense system, space communication and commercial applications. Thus to eliminate EMI, different shielding structures are some of the recent challenging issues which depends on the dielectric based properties of the fabricated material and its composition. The present work encompasses epoxy blendedcarbon riched organic biomaterial like rice husk granule which is a low cost, light-weight, and flexible microwave absorber treated as a promising eco-friendly microwave absorber. An extensive study has been performed for analysis of microwave absorbing property like dielectric constant, dielectric loss, tangent loss, attenuation constant and reflectionloss (RL) which depends on the dielectric values of the composition. The absorbers of thickness 3mm possess a RL of - 14.5dBat10 GHz. The measured values of RL are supported by the attenuation coefficient indicating the importance of proposed composite material for practical microwave absorption applications.


Noise absorption coefficient; Chemical treatment; Ultrasonic blended solutions; Isentropic compressibility; Surface modification

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