Effect of Asymmetry in the Modulation Parameters on Self-Focusing of Asymmetric Finite Airy-Gaussian Laser Beam in Collisionless Plasma

Patil, Sandip D.; Nikam, Purva P.; Pawar, Vinayak S; Takale, Prasad T; Khandale, Kalyani Y; Patil, Sanyogita S; Mane, Manisha B; Takale, Mansing V


The self-focusing/defocusing of asymmetric finite Airy-Gaussian (AiG) laser beam has been investigated by employing standard Wentzel–Kramers–Brillouin (WKB) and paraxial-ray approximations in a nonrelativistic regime for underdense plasma. The second-order non-linear coupled differential equations have been solved numerically by using the fourth-order Range-Kutta method. The effect of asymmetry in the modulation parameters on the self-focusing/defocusing of the asymmetric finite AiG laser beam in collisionless plasma has been studied. It is observed that the self-focusing/ defocusing of asymmetric finite AiG laser beam is strongly connected with the initial values of the laser and plasma parameters such as modulation parameters and plasma frequency.


Airy-Gaussian; Asymmetry; Plasma; Self-focusing

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