Application of Size and Shape Dependent Model for ShearModulus of Nanomaterials

PANDEY, VARUN ; Kumar, Munish


A simple theory based on bond energy model is developed. The model is used to predict the size and shape dependenceof shear modulus of different nanomaterials. The results obtained are compared with the our theoretical predictions as wellas experimental data. In small size range (<10nm) there is a very good agreement between earlier predictions as well asexperimental observations. It is discussed that present model is very simple as compared with the earlier model. In additionto this, our model includes the effect of shape also, which has not been considered in earlier theory. Due to the simplicityand applicability of the model, it can be used to understand the size and shape dependence of shear modulus ofnanomaterials. To the best of our knowledge, such simple model is not yet available in the literature to predict the size andshape dependence of shear modulus


Shear modulus; nanomaterials; Size; Shape

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