New single VDCC Based Electronically Adjustable FDNR using Grounded Capacitances

Srivastava, Mayank ; Bhardwaj, Kapil ; Prasad, Dinesh ; Singh, Ramendra ; Tangsrirat, Worapong


A FDNR (Frequency Dependent Negative Resistance) simulator has been presented, which uses single Voltage Differencing Current Conveyor (VDCC) along with two grounded capacitances to realize the pure FDNR function. The proposed FDNR simulator places itself as one of the most compact circuit architecture present in the available literature. It is a resistor-less realization and finds no requirement of any active/passive component/parameter matching to realize the FDNR behaviour. The presented analysis shows that the proposed circuit remains always stable under the effect of parasitics irrespective of any values of circuit parameters, which is not witnessed in many previously reported FDNRs. The usability of realized synthetic FDNR has been checked through validation of developed higher-order CDR filters by using the proposed FDNR. To verify the designed circuits, the presented configurations have been simulated under the PSPICE simulation environment.  The experimental results are shown for the commercial ICs (AD844 and CA3080) based physical realization of described FDNR.


Electronic adjustability; Frequency-Dependent Negative Resistance (FDNR); Voltage Differencing Current Conveyor (VDCC)

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