On The Structure of Shock-Front in a Viscous and Heat Conducting Fluids

Singh, Anmol ; Anand, R K


The internal structure of one-dimensional steady shock-front is investigated using the Navier-Stokes equations in a viscous and heat conducting gaseous medium. The analytical expression and calculations for the different flow variables i.e., the particle velocity, temperature, pressure, and change-in-entropy distribution have been derived using the method of wave-front analysis. The abrupt changes in the flow variables have been observed within the shock transition region. The thickness and inverse shock-front thickness are calculated and obtained results are compared with the reported literatures. The effects on the shock structure due to the variation of different flow parameters have been discussed in each case for all the flow variables. Obtained outcomes manifests that the flow parameters i.e., coefficient of viscosity, Mach number, adiabatic index and Prandtl number exert dominant impact on the structure of shock-front, prominently.


Shock-front; Viscous and heat conducting fluids; Prandtl number; Entropy production

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