Calculation of the Surface Charge Concentration on the Argon’s Dielectric Barrier Discharge: Effect of the Amplitude Voltage

Bouchikhi, Abdelaziz ; Bouchikhi, Abdelkhalek


In this work, we study the argon dielectric barrier discharge with metastable atom density on capacitively coupled radio frequency at a pressure of 1 Torr. The parameter transports of argon are depending on the electron energy and their range is about of 0.04-42 eV. A one-dimensional fluid model and the drift-diffusion theory are used to describe the argon dielectric barrier discharge. The effect of the amplitude voltage on the properties of argon dielectric barrier discharge is presented on the cycle-averaged regime. Especially the electron temperature, electric potential and metastable atom density illustrate our results on figures of merits. Consequently, these quantities increase with the increasing of the amplitude voltage. Besides surface charge concentration and the gap voltage increase too.


Physics of Gases; Plasmas; Electric Discharges

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