Pressure Dependent Elastic, Mechanical and Ultrasonic Properties of ZnO Nanotube

Prajapati, Aadesh K; Rai, Sachin ; Kuldeep; Yadawa, Pramod K


The impact of pressure on the elastic and acoustic characteristics of the ZnO nanotube are analyzed using the L-J potential approach. This model is applied to evaluate the 2nd and 3rd order elastic parameters (SOECs and TOECs) for ZnO nanotube. Here in this work, the elastic constants are studied with pressure and it is noticed that the elastic moduli of ZnO nanotube increases monotonically as pressure is increases. We also reports that, the hexagonal ZnO nanotube is mechanically stable with pressures according to Born's elastic stability criteria in the present work. The Voigt–Reuss–Hill method are used to compute elastic parameters such as Young's modulus, bulk modulus, shear modulus and Poisson's ratio under different pressure in the present work. The hardness, thermal conductivity, anisotropy constants, ultrasonic velocity and melting point of ZnO nanotube is evaluated using estimated SOECs in the present work. The second order coefficients are being a tool for calculating acoustic velocities along the z-axis for the operating pressure that has been specified. The computation is also satisfactory in estimating the ultrasonic attenuation, Debye temperature and thermal conductivity k (min) under various pressures (0-10GPa) in this research work.


Ultrasonic properties; Thermo-physical characteristics; Zinc oxide nanotube; Second Order Elastic Constants(SOECs), Third Order Elastic Constants (TOECs)

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