Compact Dual-Band Zig Zag Shaped Implantable Antenna for Biomedical Devices

Nehra, Rajiv Kumar; Raghava, N S


This paper presents a highly compact volume 12 mm3 Zig Zag-shaped implantable antenna for biomedical applications. The antenna performance is closely analyzed in terms of penetration depth, different human tissues, substrate materials, reflection coefficient, Impedance Bandwidth, directive gain, and SAR values. The three different models are analyzed for different resonating frequencies. It is found that the proposed antenna shows dual ISM bands (900 MHz to 970 MHz 2.36GHz to 2.49 GHz) with impedance bandwidth of 7.77 % and 5.5% respectively. The proposed implantable antenna is successfully fabricated and tested in skin mimicking gel (vitro model). The performance of the proposed antenna is enhanced by using a sorting pin and slots that provides dual ISM bands, an acceptable SAR of 856.3 W/KG, and a directive gain of -28.68 dBi. Parametric analysis of the proposed implantable antenna has been studied in detail. Simulated and fabricated results are compared and found almost similar


ISM (Industrial Scientific and medical); SAR (Specific absorption rate); BMD (Biomedical devices); IMD (implantable medical devices); MDAN (medical body area network)

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