Space Dependent Study of Fast Neutron Spectra and Tritium Production Rate in a Fusion Reactor Blanket of Li₂O

Bhatia, Mamta ; Gupta, Sanjay


Study of spatial spectra and tritium breeding ratio (TBR) in a lithium blanket play a crucial role for the successful operation of a Fusion reactor. In this paper, we have reported the results for the space-dependent fast neutron spectra and tritium production rate (TPR) in cylindrical assemblies of Li₂O. The multigroup diffusion equation has been solved using eigenfunction expansion method. The obtained results for scalar spectra, total flux and TPR in Li₂O are compared with corresponding values for natural Li. The space dependent scalar spectrum in Li₂O has been compared for different configurations (slab, sphere and cylindrical). We find that the shapes of the curves are almost similar, though the neutron flux is found to be highest in the case of cylindrical assembly. This suggests a larger value of total TBR for a cylindrical geometry. Further, the study of space variation of total flux for Li₂O and natural Li shows that there is not much change in the shapes and numerical values, however, it falls sharply near the boundary end surface of the assembly for Li₂O as compared to natural Li. Similarly, the fall in the TPR curves becomes more rapid for the case of Li₂O as compared to natural Li near the boundary end.. The calculated results of spatial distributions of TPR for 6Li (n,α)t and ⁷Li (n,n'α)t reactions are compared with experimentally obtained results for cylindrical slab assemblies. and it is found that agreement is fairly good, both in the case of 7Li and 6Li .


Lithium oxide; Blanket; Tritium Production Rate; Tritium Breeding Ratio

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