Resistorless voltage-mode first-order allpass section using single current-controlled conveyor transconductance amplifier

Tangsrirat, Worapong ; Budboonchu, Jakrawat ; Pukkalanun, Tattaya


This paper presents an alternative configuration for realizing a canonical voltage-mode first-order allpass (AP) section with electronic tuning. The proposed circuit is composed of only one CCCTA and one floating capacitor, which results in a simple and resistorless structure. Its phase response can be adjusted electronically through the external dc bias currents of the CCCTA. Simulation results based on 0.35 m BiCMOS process parameters with ± 0.75 V supply voltages are provided to demonstrate the performance of the proposed AP section.


Current-Controlled Conveyor Transconductance Amplifier; Allpass section; Resistorless structure; Voltage-mode circuit

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