Core Loss Study of Different Structures of Terfenol-D Rods

Liu, Qiang ; He, Xiping


the hysteresis, eddy current, and coil resistance losses of the six Terfenol-D rods. The loss factors of the rods werecalculated and analyzed. Furthermore, three structures of Terfenol-D rods were manufactured, and the loss factors of therods were measured. The results showed that an untreated rod had the largest hysteresis and eddy current losses on the outerdiameter surface, and the overall hysteresis loss of the rod was the smallest. Compared with the untreated rod, the eddycurrent and hysteresis losses on the outer diameter surface of sliced and slit rods reduced, the overall hysteresis loss of slicedand slit rods increased, and the overall eddy current loss of sliced rods reduced; the hysteresis and eddy current losses on thesurface of the sliced rods were less than that of the slit rods, and the overall eddy current loss of the sliced rods was less thanthat of the slit rods; moreover, the eddy current loss of each rod was larger than its hysteresis loss. The numerical calculationvalues of the coil resistance loss basically agreed with the theoretical calculation values. The finite element simulationcalculation values of the loss factors of the Terfenol-D rods agreed with the experimental test values.


Terfenol-D rod; Hysteresis loss; Eddy current loss; Coil resistance loss; Finite element calculation

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