Structural, Dielectric and Electrical Properties of Homovalent Doped SrSn1-xTixO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.08) System

Kumar, Aditya ; K Singh, Manoj ; Sharma, Minakshi ; Kumar, UPENDRA


The samples SrSn1-xTixO3 with composition 0≤x≤0.08 have been prepared using sol-gel chemical route by sintering at 1173 K. All the samples are found to be single phase crystallized in orthorhombic structure. The dielectric properties indicate the existence of interfacial and orientation polarization in samples found to be stable up to 300 oC. Thermal dependence of electrical conductivity represents two conduction regions with activation energy (0.77-0.94) eV in region-1 and (0.19-0.27) eV in region-2 respectively. The plot of dc conductivity with hopping frequency results unit slope representing that the charge carriers remain same in both processes. DC conductivity of samples are found to be increased with Ti4+, due to reduction in polaron size. The present materials can be potentially used in thermally stable capacitor and mixed ionic and electronic conductors (MIECs) applications.


SrSn1-xTixO3; Sol-gel preparation; Electrical properties; Defects

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