Mechanical Testing of Hybrid LM30 Metal Matrix Composite Fabricated through Stir Casting Route

Joshi, Vivek ; Nagdeve, Leeladhar ; Moona, Girija ; Kumar, Harish


Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) are one of the strongest contenders for the application that demands excellentmechanical and physical properties. Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites (Al MMCs) are reinforced materials with improvedmechanical and physical properties as compared to the base material. Composite material made through the stir casting processpossesses higher elastic modulus, wear resistance, strength, and fatigue resistance. In the present research work, LM30 alloy ischosen as a matrix material and is reinforced with Zircon Dioxide (ZrO2), Rice Husk Ash (RHA), and Tungsten Carbide (W.C.).A stir casting setup is used to fabricate the three different composites. Composite A, Composite B, and Composite C have thecomposition of (LM30/5%WC/5%ZrO2/10%RSH), (LM30/10%WC/5%ZrO2/5RSH), (LM30/5%WC/10%ZrO2-/5% RHA),respectively. Further, mechanical testing, which includes tensile, compressive, hardness, and Charpy impact tests, has beenconducted. It has been found that Composite B possesses the highest hardness, maximum tensile, and compressive strengthamong all three composite materials.


Stir Casting; LN30 Metal Matrix Composite; Tensile Test; Compressive Test; Hardness; Charpy Test

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