Investigation of Optical Properties of Nanostructured Ce0.80-x-yNdxTbyO2 Compound

Özlü Torun, Handan ; Kırkgeçit, Rabia ; Öztürk, Esra ; Kılıç Dokan, Farma


In this study, the sol-gel method synthesized nano-structured Ce0.80-x-yNdxTbyO2 compounds that can be used in optoelectronic devices. In the characterization studies of the synthesized compounds, XRD, FE-SEM-EDX, TG-DTA, Raman, and photoluminescence spectrophotometer were used. The thermal analysis determined that the degrading species were removed at 600 oC and cubic crystalline compounds were obtained according to the XRD data. EDX data confirmed the presence of host and activator elements in the compound. It was determined that oxygen vacancy formation was more intense in the 5% Nd-15%Tb doped compound. According to these results, 5% Nd phosphorus-doped Ce0.80-x-yNdxTbyO2 was reported to be a good candidate for optoelectronic applications where both red and green photoluminescence are required in the same crystal.


CeO2; Optoelectronic; Sol-gel

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