Low Power Non-Volatile 7T1M Subthreshold SRAM Cell

Mustaqueem, Zeba ; Ansari, Abdul Quaiyum; Akram, Md Waseem


A new modified 7T1M non-volatile SRAM cell is presented in this paper for low power applications at subthresholdvoltage (very low voltage) simply by connecting the memristor directly with storage node which is acting as storage elementand adding a transistor in between the two storage nodes with feedback connection gives better performance in terms ofaverage delay, read /write operations and RSNM/WSNM. The memristor based circuits are simulated at subthreshold is anew insight and a new effort in technology made with improvement of approximately 61% and 23% of RSNM and WSNMrespectively compared to existing memory cell 7T1M and power dissipation is decreased by 66% whereas read delay andwrite delay obtained is nominal. Moreover, It has also simulated an adjusting 6T2M and conventional 6T at subthresholdvoltage i.e. VDD=0.3V to compare its stability behaviour at lower supply voltage.


Memristance; Subthreshold; SRAM cell; Memristor; Voltage scaling; stability; Power dissipation

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