Cluster radioactivity in superheavy nuclei 299-302120

Nagaraja, A M ; Manjunatha, H C ; Sowmya, N ; Cecil Raj, S Alfred


The cluster radioactivity is an unusual decay process observed in superheavy nuclei. When a cluster nuclei are emitted, the residual or daughter nuclei is having doubly magic nuclei or it may be neighbourhood of the same. We have studied cluster radioactivity [4He, 6Li, 9Be, 20,22Ne, 23N, 24-26Mg, 28-30Si, 31P, 32-34S, 35Cl, 36,38,40Ar, 40-46Ca ] in the superheavy nuclei 299-302120 using the nuclear and proximity model. The calculated cluster decay half-lives are compared with that of the other theoretical models such as Univ1, NRDX2, UDL3 and Horoi4. From the comparison of different models we have observed that the cluster nuclei with 4He, 9Be, 22Ne, 26Mg, 30Si, 34S, 40Ca and 46Ca are having smaller logarithmic half-lives than the exotic cluster decay modes.


Superheavy nuclei; Cluster radioactivity; Exotic cluster decay; Proximity model

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