Measurement of 92Mo(n,α)89Zr and 97Mo(n,p)97Nb reactions at the neutron energy 13.52 MeV with covariance analysis

Sunitha, A M ; Rudraswamy, B ; Suryanarayana, S V ; Nagaraja, Kamsali ; Karkera, Meghna ; Pasha, Imran ; Sachhidananda, H B ; Sheela, Y S ; Prasad, M


The cross sections have been estimated for the Nuclear reactions 92Mo(n,α)89Zr and 97Mo(n,p)97Nb produced in Purnima neutron generator at neutron energy of 13.52±0.0045 MeV using activation analysis and off-line γ -ray spectrometric techniques. 27Al(n,α)24Na has been used as a monitor reaction. The covariance analysis for these cross sections has been carried out by taking into consideration of partial uncertainties of different attributes and correlations between the attributes. The cross section values of the present study have been compared with EXFOR, ENDF data of various libraries and theoretical data of TALYS-1.8 code.


92Mo(n,α)89Zr,97Mo(n,p)97Nb; Reaction cross section; Activation analysis; Covariance; TALYS-1.8

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