Measurements of 181Ta(n,2n)180Ta reaction cross-section at the neutron energy of 14.78 MeV

K Soni, B ; Parashari, S ; Mukherjee, S ; Makwana, R ; Mehta, M ; Chauhan, R ; Suryanarayana, S V ; Pasha, I ; Danu, L S ; Naik, H ; Nayak, B K ; Varmuza, J ; Katovsky, K


The cross-section of the 181Ta(n,2n)180Ta reaction has been measured with respect to the 197Au(n,2n)196Au monitor reaction at the incident neutron energy of 14.78± 0.20 MeV, using neutron activation analysis and off-line γ-ray spectrometric technique. The present measurement has been done at the energy where discrepant measured results are available in the EXFOR data library. The result has been compared with evaluated data libraries JEFF-3.3 and ENDF/B-VII.1. The present result has also been supported by theoretical predictions of nuclear model code TALYS1.8 and TALYS-1.9. The uncertainty and the correlations among the measured cross-section has been studied using co-variance analysis.


Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA), 3H(2H, n)4He reaction neutron, Off-line γ-ray spectrometry, Co-variance analysis, TALYS1.8, TALYS-1.9.

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