58Ni(n,p)58Co and 58Ni(n,2n)57Ni reactions at the neutron energy of 14.54 MeV with covariance analysis

Pasha, Imran ; Rudraswamy, B ; Sheela, Y S ; Suryanarayana, S V ; Radha, E ; Pachuau, Rebecca


The 58Ni(n,p)58Co and 58Ni(n,2n)57Ni reactions cross sections have been estimated relative to 197Au(n,2n)196Au monitor reaction at the incident neutron energy of 14.54±0.0024 MeV from the D-T fusion nuclear reaction using Purnima neutron generator carried through methods of activation and off-line γ-ray spectrometry. The uncertainty propagation and correlation for measured cross sections have been estimated using covariance analysis through considering the partial uncertainties in different attributes. The present measured reaction cross sections data have been analyzed by comparing with the literature data, with various libraries of evaluated data, like ENDF/B-VIII.0, JEFF-3.3, JENDL/AD-2017, ROSFOND-2010 and TALYS-1.9 theoretical calculations.


58Ni(n,p)58Co and 58Ni(n,2n)57Ni reaction, D-T fusion reaction, -ray spectrometry, Covariance, TALYS-1.9

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