Generated heat by different targets irradiated by 660 MeV protons

Svoboda, J ; Adam, J ; Foral, S ; Gustov, S A ; Katovsky, K ; Khushvaktov, J ; Kral, D ; Solnyshkin, A A ; Tichy, P ; Tyutyunnikov, S I ; Zeman, M


Calorimetric experiments have been performed to analyze different thick targets of natU, C, Pb material, irradiated by 660 MeV protons at the Phasotron accelerator facility, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia. The method of online temperature measurement has been compared with MCNPX 2.7.0 simulation and selected with Ansys Transient Thermal Simulation to compare measured temperature with the simulated one. Thermocouples type T and E have been used as a temperature probe. Many different positions have been measured for each target. Temperature results are following very well the processes inside of the cylinders. Changes of heat deposition caused by drops of the proton beam intensity are displayed very well as a jagged line shown in almost every chart. Accurate temperature changing measurement is a very modest variation of how to observe inner macroscopic behavior online.


ADS, MCNPX, ANSYS, Temperature measurement, Heat deposition, Thick target, Proton irradiation

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