Systematics of alpha decay hindrance factors in doubly-even nuclei

Kumar, Sushil ; Singh, Sukhjeet ; Singh, Balraj ; Jain, A K


In present work, we have calculated the hindrance factors of 182 even-even alpha emitters using Preston’s formulation of alpha decay probabilities and presented HFs systematics of 1- and 3- states in reflection asymmetric even-even quadruple-octupole deformed nuclides (A~216-230). The calculated HFs of both 1- and 3- states decrease with reduction in neutron number and this decrease is attributed to onset of intrinsic reflection asymmetry. There is a trend reversal for 1- states at N=132 (218Ra) and N=134 (220Rn), which might be a possible indication of departure from static octupole deformation. Similarly, HFs systematics is discussed for 224-230Th and 232-236U isotopic chains along with 2+ states observed in daughter nuclei in N=132-146 isotonic chains.


Even-even alpha emitters, Hindrance factors, Reflection asymmetry

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