Large-scale shell-model calculations near mass region 100-130

Dutt, S ; Qi, Chong ; Ahmed, Ishtiaq ; Rizvi, I A ; Kumar, R


In this work, we have presented a microscopic shell-model description of the structure and collective behavior of intermediate-mass nuclei around doubly magic 100Sn and 132Sn nuclei. The Sn-isotopes lie between the two doubly magic nuclei and cover a range from exotic proton-rich N=Z nuclei to exotic neutron-rich nuclei with N/Z > 1.6. The results obtained using BIGSTICK code for the low-level excitation states and transition probabilities for the studied Sn and Ba isotopic chains have been discussed in the radiance of available experimental data. We have used 100Sn as a core for all the studied isotopes with the same valence space (i.e. 1d5/2, 2s1/2, 1d3/2, 0g7/2, 0h11/2 or ‘sdgh’) for both protons (Z) and neutrons (N) between 50 and 82. These calculations are performed by means of globally optimized monopole effective interaction for the sdgh-shell.


Configuration-interaction, Shell-model, BIGSTICK, Transition probability, Excitation energy

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