Evaporation residue cross section to synthesize superheavy element Z=119

Manjunatha, H C ; Sridhar, K N ; Sowmya, N


The evaporation-residue cross section σEVR of fusion reactions depend on the projectile-target combinations and the incident energy. A detail theoretical study is useful before the synthesis of more isotopes of super heavy nuclei Z=119. We have studied the evaporation-residue cross sections for possible projectile-target combinations to synthesis the superheavy nuclei with Z=119. We have studied the dependence of evaporation residue cross section with that of mass number of the target, product of atomic numbers of projectile and target (Z1Z2), fusion barrier height (Vb) and fusion barrier width (Rb).  After the detailed analysis, we have identified the most probable projectile-target combinations. The identified projectile-target combinations to synthesis superheavy nuclei 295-296119 are 45Sc+250,251Cf. We hope that our predictions guide the future experiments in the synthesis of super heavy nuclei 295-296119.


Superheavy nuclei, Evaporation residue, Fusion barrier

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