High spin structure of 82Sr using triaxial projected shell model

Behera, N ; Bhat, G H ; Naik, Z ; Palit, R ; Sun, Y ; Sheikh, J A


Study of N≈Z nuclei in mass A ̴80 region, which is in the transitional region, is of interest due to the existence of abundant nuclear structure phenomena and this mass region is often characterized by shape co-existence. In present work, the multi-quasiparticle triaxial projected shell model (TPSM) approach is employed to study the high spin structures and to depict γ deformation in 82Sr. TPSM results for the yrast band and γ band-energies are compared with known experimental energies. The possibility of a 2γ-band is also predicted. The change in staggering phases for the γ band as a result of configuration mixing is also discussed.


Shape co-existence, Multi-quasiparticle, Triaxial projected shell model, Configuration mixing

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