Evaluation of nuclear structure data and its spin-offs

Joshi, P K


Evaluation of nuclear structure data is a world wide effort to standardize the published nuclear data. This standardization led to generation of table of isotopes, Nuclear Data sheets, Nuclear Wallet Cards etc. This paper deals with two aspects of evaluation of nuclear structure data. First, the problems arising out of some of the recent publications and how to tackle them at pre-publication stage. Second, there is large amount of experimental data available on the NNDC site1. Of these data the half-life values, spin and parity is the most important set of values to understand the nucleon-nucleon interaction within a given nucleus. However, it is observed in our work that the quantum of half-life, spin and parity values measured, in comparison to the number of excited states, in any given nuclei, is very low. Thus, indicating that very few experimental results are available in terms of half-life measurements, spin measurements and determination of parity. This survey besides being an indicator of the quantum of measurements carried out can also be a guide to future experimentalists by highlighting the areas of nuclear chart where measurements are fewer in number.


Evaluated nuclear structure data, half-life values, spin values and parity of different levels ENSDF

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