Disentangling of incomplete fusion dynamics at low energies ≈ 4-6 MeV/A

K Giri, Pankaj ; Mahato, Amritraj ; Singh, D ; B Linda, Sneha ; Kumar, Harish ; A Tali, Suhail ; Afzal Ansari, M ; Kumar, R ; Muralithar, S ; Singh, R P


An experiment has been performed for the measurements of forward recoil range distributions (FRRDs) of evaporation residues (ERs) using 16O beam on the target 148Nd to explore the incomplete fusion (ICF) dynamics at low projectile energy ≈ 4-6 MeV/A. In the present work, FRRDs of ERs 159,158Er(xn), 160g,159Ho(pxn), 157,155Dy(αxn) and 155Tb(αpxn) have been measured. The measured FRRDs of ERs have been compared with their theoretical mean ranges, calculated using code SRIM. These present results obtained from FRRDs measurements show that full and partial linear momentum transfer components are involved. This indicates that the ERs populated through α-emission channels are not only produced via complete fusion, but also through incomplete fusion dynamics. The present analysis indicates that the incomplete fusion contribution increases with projectile energy. This increment in incomplete fusion contribution is due to the increase in breakup probability of projectile 16O into 12C + 4He/ α with projectile energy.


Complete and incomplete fusion, Offline γ-ray spectrometry, Stacked foil activation technique, Excitation functions, Target deformation

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