A pulse generation system based on new method for testing performance of high-resolution nuclear spectroscopy systems

I Siddavatam, Asma Parveen ; T Patil, Ajit ; P Vaidya, Prakash


The paper presents a design and construction of uniform amplitude pulse generator for testing Differential Non-Linearity (DNL) of high-resolution nuclear spectroscopy systems. The paper describes two methods based on two new techniques called DAC Interpolation and Analog Multiplexer based design. A prototype of DAC interpolation technique has been designed and tested. **The method based on analog multiplexer and chain of resistors is simulated and the results of which is reported in the paper. The systems produce pulses with step size of 10 microvolt (µV), making them capable for calibrating spectroscopy systems with the resolution as high as 13-bit (8K). The systems are designed using commercially available components. The pulse generation system provides import substitute for commercially available imported models.


Uniform Amplitude Pulse Generator, Multichannel Analyzer, Nuclear Instrumentation, High-Resolution Nuclear Spectroscopy Systems, DAC Interpolation, Analog Multiplexers-Chain of Resistors.

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