Effect of projectile breakup in the system 19F + 154Sm

Mahato, Amritraj ; K Giri, Pankaj ; Singh, D ; Sharma, Nitin ; B Linda, Sneha ; Kumar, Harish ; A Tali, Suhail ; K Deb, Nabendu ; Afzal Ansari, M ; Kumar, R ; Muralithar, S ; Singh, R P


An attempt was made to understand the role of various entrance channel parameters on incomplete fusion dynamics by the measurements of excitation functions of evaporation residues populated via complete and incomplete fusion dynamics in the system 19F + 154Sm at projectile energy ≈ 4-6 MeV/A. The stacked foil activation technique followed by offline gamma ray spectrometry was employed in these measurements. The measured excitation functions of various evaporation residues populated have been analyzed within the framework of statistical model code PACE-4. It has been observed that the measured excitation functions of xn and pxn emission channels agree well with the theoretical predictions of PACE-4. On the other hand, the measured excitation functions of α-emission channels have been found significantly enhanced over their theoretical predictions. This enhancement may be attributed to the incomplete fusion of the projectile 19F as the calculations for incomplete fusion are not included in statistical model calculations. The incomplete fusion fraction has been deduced from the present measurements. Further, a systematic study has also been performed, which shows that the incomplete fusion increases significantly with entrance channel mass asymmetry at low projectile energy, differently for different projectiles.


Excitation functions, Stacked foil activation technique, Complete and incomplete fusion, Incomplete fusion fraction, Entrance channel mass asymmetry

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