Measurement of (n,γ) reaction cross section of 186W-isotope at neutron energy of 20.02±0.58 MeV

Mehta, Mayur ; Singh, N L ; Makwana, R ; Subhash, P V ; Suryanarayana, S V ; Parashari, S ; Chauhan, Rakesh ; Singh, R K ; Naik, H ; Mukherjee, S ; Soni, B ; Khirwadkar, S ; Varmuza, J ; Katovsky, K


The cross-section of 186W(n,γ)187W reaction has been measured at an average neutron energy of 20.02±0.58 MeV by using activation technique. The 27Al(n,α)24Na and 115In(n,n´)115mIn reactions have been used for absolute neutron flux measurement. Theoretically the reaction cross-sections have been calculated by using the TALYS-1.9 code. The results from the present work and the EXFOR based literature data have been compared with the evaluated data and calculated data from TALYS-1.9 code.


Tungsten, Plasma facing material, 186W(n,γ)187W reaction cross-section, 27Al(n,α)24Na and 115In(n,n´)115mIn monitor reactions,7Li(p,n)7Be reaction,

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