Alpha-decay chains of Z=122 superheavy nuclei using cubic plus proximity potential with improved transfer matrix method

Naveya, G ; Santhosh Kumar, S ; Philominraj, S I A ; Stephen, A


The alpha decay chain properties of Z = 122 isotope in the mass range 298£ A £ 350, even-even nuclei, are studied using a fission-like model with an effective combination of the cubic plus proximity potential in the pre and post-scission regions, wherein the decay rates are calculated using improved transfer matrix method, and the results are in good agreement with other phenomenological formulae such as Universal decay law, Viola-Seaborg, Royer, etc. The nuclear ground-state masses are taken from WS4 mass model. The next minimum in the half-life curves of the decay chain obtained at N=186,178 & 164 suggest the shell closure at N=184, 176 & 162 which coincides well with the predictions of two-centre shell model approach. This study also unveils that the isotopes 298-300, 302, 304-306, 308-310, 312,314122 show 7a, 5a, 4a, 3a, 2a and 1a decay chain, respectively. All the other isotopes from A = 316 to 350 may undergo spontaneous fission since the obtained SF half -lives are comparatively less. The predictions in the present study may have an impact in the experimental synthesis and detection of the new isotopes in near future.


Transfer matrix method, Superheavy nuclei, Alpha decay, Spontaneous fission, Magic numbers, Decay chain

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