Measurement and analysis of photonuclear reactions on thick target samples of biological importance

Ibrahim R V, Salma ; Musthafa, M M ; Midhun, C V ; Lily Cyriac, Swapna ; Sajeev, S


A novel method for quantification of trace elements in herbal samples using photon activation analysis is reported. Seven trace elements have been detected and their concentrations have been estimated from residue yields after the photo-nuclear reaction. This method can complement the conventional neutron activation analysis for trace elemental detection. The data is useful for setting referral standards for quality assurance of herbs and herbal formulations commercially available for therapeutic purposes. This is a relatively simple, novel and sensitive method for trace elemental analysis which can be scaled to suit industrial and statutory requirements of standardization and quality control.


Gamma activation, Medical LINAC, Bremsstrahlung, Herbal medicines

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