Quasi-elastic scattering measurements of the 28Si + 142Nd system at back-angle

Biswas, Saumyajit ; Chakraborty, A ; Jhingan, A ; Arora, D ; Behera, B R ; Biswas, Rohan ; Kumar Deb, Nabendu ; Ghugre, S S ; K Giri, Pankaj ; Golda, K S ; Kaur, G ; Kumar, A ; Kumar, M ; Mukherjee, B ; Nayak, B K ; Parihari, A ; Rai, N K ; Rai, S ; Raut, R ; N Sahu, Rudra ; Sinha, A K


The barrier distribution of a system can be extracted from excitation function data obtained either through fusion reaction or through quasi-elastic scattering measurement. In the present work, the quasi-elastic excitation function has precisely been measured at back angle for the 28Si + 142Nd system at energies around the Coulomb barrier and the corresponding experimental barrier distribution has been extracted. The experimental data has been interpreted in the frame work of the coupled channel calculations which include couplings to different possible modes of excitations of the interacting target-projectile combination. The possible effect of the nature of projectile excitations on the derived barrier distribution has been presented.


Quasi-elastic scattering, Barrier distribution, Excitation function, Target deformation, Coupled channel calculation

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