Study of pre-equilibrium contributions in proton spectra of 59Co(n,xp) reaction using TALYS-1.9

Choudhary, Mahesh ; Sharma, Aman ; Gandhi, A ; Singh, Namrata ; Kumar, A


In the present study we have calculated the proton spectra of 59Co(n,xp) using TALYS-1.9. TALYS uses all major reaction mechanisms like compound, pre-equilibrium and direct reactions. The contribution from compound nuclear reaction is calculated using optical model calculations. For pre-equilibrium contributions we have used two particle exciton model. The results from the present work suggests the presence of significant pre-equilibrium emission components in the 59Co(n,xp) system within the range of incident projectile energies from 37.5 to 62.7 MeV.


Pre-equilibrium reaction mechanisms, Exciton model, TALYS-1.9.

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